Know Jesus, know democracy. No Jesus, no democracy.

Okay, we invaded their country, killed their leaders….hmmmm. What did we forget?

Oh yeah, we forgot to convert them to Christianity:

An Indiana congressman is warning that an Iraqi-style democracy may not make much of a change there. Why? Because the Judeo-Christian ethic is critical to the success of such a venture, he says.

Earlier this week, Republican Mark Souder was one of the speakers at a bipartisan prayer service before the opening of the 109th session of Congress. He told the audience that religious faith is the conscience of democracy.

“The United States was at its founding, and still is, not only a religious nation but largely a Christian nation,” Souder said. “Through Judeo-Christian beliefs that anchor our legal, our economic, our military, and our political system, the balance of powers and constraints upon the state — and thus upon the majority — assume the sinful nature of man and one that is not perfectable.”

Without a faith grounded in such beliefs, the congressman said, democracy as it is known in the United States cannot work — and he believes that could well be the case in Iraq.

“John Adams said, ‘Our Constitution is made for a moral and religious people,'” Souder noted. “Does democracy in Iraq mean the majority Shia, upon winning, can deny rights to women and to religious minorities, not to mention exact revenge upon the Sunni? Why not do these things if the only standard is democracy?”

He offered a recent demonstration of the nation’s morality, whose “premises rest at least upon the echoes and remnants of Judeo-Christian teaching,” he says.

“Over 75 percent of the American people profess to be Christian, and an even higher percentage believe that they were created by God — not some randomly evolving blob of amoeba,” Souder stated.

Did he just call my mom a “randomly evolving blob of amoeba”?

Oddly enough here is a picture of Congressman Souder emerging from the primordial stew in a snappy sweater and kevlar vest combo.

Outlook for evolving?

Not promising.

(Thanks to Chris for the link)

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