The sequence of events for this dismissal are obviously suspicious. Apparently if you are gay it hampers your ability to provide security to this Christian school. (

A Florida man who says he was fired from his job as a security guard because he is gay has filed a discrimination suit against Palm Beach Atlantic University.

In court papers filed Friday Robert Oskey says that his problems with the Christian college began when someone gave his boss a copy a gay personals ad – which Oskey says he did not write. The supervisor, the suit alleges, threatened to fire Oskey if he were gay. At the time Oskey denied to the boss that he was gay.

Several weeks later his supervisor confronted him again, this time with a nine-month-old police report showing that Oskey had been mugged near a gay bar. The university suspended him immediately. Several weeks later it fired him and when he appealed he was turned down without explanation when he appealed it, the complaint filed in state court says.

Becky Peeling, a spokesperson for the university, refused to comment on the suit.

The motto of this Christian college, BTW, is “Enlightening Minds, Enriching Souls, Extending Hands.”

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