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CA wingnut: sex education=homo recruiting, necrophilia

I don’t have to make crap like this up; how this idiot equates sex ed with fornicating with a dead body is beyond reason. What’s even more amazing is that the measure has approval by the Secretary of State’s office. With kids having kids and the spread of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, especially in young people, this is part of the problem, not the solution. (

A Bay Area Christian conservative has begun to gather names for a ballot initiative to limit sex education in California public schools.

The measure has received approval from the Secretary of State’s office and Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s staff has carefully worded the petition to include only a ban on sex ed in kindergarten through sixth grade and for daily parental permission slips for older students.

The man behind it, Tony Andrade [a Republican businessman and one of the key figures behind the recall of former Gov. Gray Davis], says fears “homosexuals are using high schools as a recruiting ground“.

…In his promotion for the new initiative he links classroom discussions of homosexuality and domestic partnership with bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia.

Along with media whore Lou Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition and Save California (part of Randy Thomasson‘s wingnut effort), Andrade gathered 100,000 signatures for a similar initiative last fall before a legal challenge derailed it.

Check out the Actual Freeper Quotesâ„? on this…:


“Today academics are talking about bestiality and pedophilia. What’s to stop those from entering daily life and education in the future? The Bible? I don’t think so. Either sexual perversions exist or there are no such things. You can’t pick and choose among them.”

“Good for him! We need more courageous individuals to initiate similar challenges, especially in the state of Massachusetts.”

“Better than nothing. Meanwhile, young girls can get abortions without parental knowledge/consent. CALIFORNIA STINKS any way you look at it.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding