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If you’ve looking for highly partisan, inflamed and extremely insightful coverage of the Armstrong Williams story (see above post for more details), I recommend reading Steve Gilliard and his “Fall of Sambo” series. Just for kicks, you can then turn the channel to the National Review and watch wingnut Jonah Goldberg label Gilliard a racist for calling Armstrong an “Uncle Tom” (he didn’t), then flip back and hear Gilliard say that that “if Goldberg was as smart as an intern, he would have figured out from the language that I was black.”

BTW, I was informed by my friend Peter (who will be guest-posting here one day soon) that I assumed too much in a previous post when I thought everyone would know who Jonah Goldberg’s mother, Lucianne was. Lucianne Goldberg was the woman who coached Linda Tripp into setting up Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinski scandal, and who is also famous for saying something so disgusting about Chelsea Clinton that I won’t even repeat it. But if you want to hear someone else say it, you can do so here.

Many thanks to Peter for the constructive feedback — he also indicated that my old format was difficult to read, so I changed to a new one. Hope this one is easier on the eyes!

We live to please.

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