Dear Amazon: Regarding that review I wrote….

If you have a spare 65 cents you can may want to pick up a copy of Armstrong Williams’ Beyond Blame: How we can succeed by breaking the dependency barrier, leading us to believe that the dependency barrier is now set at $240,000 which now becomes the starting point for The Armstrong Line (in the manner of baseball’s Mendoza Line) for sell-out punditry. For example, if Jonah Goldberg was slipped a few bucks for promoting Social Security Privatization we could ask, “Well, sure. But did he break the Armstrong line?”. But that’s probably a bad example since Jonah couldn’t influence a 3 year-old with an ice cream cone.

My favorite Amazon review of Beyond Blame (and there’s only two, which is totally sad):

If you’ve got At first when I read this book I thought I would differ with the author due to our different political beliefs. However, I could not have been so wrong, Mr. Williams just explains that so many of todays youth want the easy way out and get rich quick by any means necessary. I agree with Armstrong that you have to understand the value of hard work in order to succeed legitimately in America, and just because we grew up poor and black is no excuse. The liberals of this country really hurt our community more than helping us by saying we as black turn to crime, because there are no alternatives. I grew up in a small city in Illinois, but I saw so many opportunities for myself to succeed and it did not come from wearing Tommy, Polo, DKNY or other top designer clothing. My success came from my knowledge through education, because education creates options not a life of fast living sell drugs.

Later we’ll debate the relative value of a kilo of cocaine and an ounce of credibility.

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