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Archbishop in Spain: "homosexuality is an epidemic"

There’s a lot I could say here. I’ll just leave it alone.

Oh come f*cking on — this man is saying things right out of the discredited “ex-gay” movement manual. Spain’s government is going to legalize same sex marriage anyway. The British pastoral counseling movement has abandoned the attempt to change orientation; perhaps Archbishop Fernando Sebastian should be sent the link to their conclusion. (The Australian):

Spain’s government may be bent on delivering legislation to allow marriages between same-sex couples, but Catholic church opposition hardened today with an archbishop labelling homosexuality an “epidemic”.

“(There is) a veritable epidemic of homosexuality, a fount of psychological problems and painful frustrations,” said Fernando Sebastian, archbishop of Pamplona in northern Spain and secretary of the Spanish Episcopal Conference.

Homosexuals, if they wish, and with well-targeted help, can change their situation,” he said, adding: “For me, all are sons of God, and all deserve the same respect.”

The churchman said it was justifiable for the state to regulate “some aspects and some consequences” arising from gay cohabitation, but he was opposed to changing legislation on the definition of marriage, which the church regarded as a sacred partnership between a man and a woman.

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