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Democatic Balls, 101

Our favorite Rude One weighs in on the significance (or lack thereof) of yesterdays’s electoral college protest vote:

…what this really was about was the scene four years ago when Al Gore took a dive that’d make Terry Malloy proud. It was goddamn pathetic, like when an asshole gets in your face at a bar to fight you, and when you back down, he calls you a “tit-sucking mama’s boy.” Then, on the shameful car ride home, you think, “Yeah, I should have said, ‘Tell your mama to keep her tits in her shirt'” before kicking yourself for the missed opportunity. The only thing more pathetic than your initial action would be to go up to the asshole the next time you see him and say it. Yeah, it’d been a beautiful thing if, in 2000, some Senator had had the balls to stand up to the unending bullying by Republicans. But you know what would have happened – the Republicans would have whined like bitch puppies about unfairness and the Democrats would have gone prone and said, “Oh, okay, fuck away.”

That’s because they hadn’t seen the true face of squalid hate that is the way of the Bush Republican party. And now that they have seen it? They’re still fuckin’ prostrate at the overwhelming debauchery of the Republicans.

I still think the consistent courage of the CBC is really praise-worthy, and it was great to see Boxer show some friggin’ signs of life in a party heretofore riddled with rigor mortis. Still, you’ve got to admit, the Rude One has a helluva point.

You can congratulate Boxer and Reid for not completely bitching out here. Though the gesture only resulted in more of the same-old same-old, they risk being Daschled by the GOP for their efforts. And they’re not going to get any steel in their spine until we let ’em know that when they stand up and do the right thing, we’ve got their backs.

And please, please send an email to the magnificent Sheila Jackson-Lee, who moved everyone (okay, well, at least, those few pathetic C-SPAN watching bloggers like myself) with her magnificent speech that wound up with Hastert cutting her off, and Jackson-Lee shouting to be heard before she threw her papers at him. SHE should be leading the charge against these unrelenting bastards and writing the playbook that everyone else follows.

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Jane Hamsher

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