I’ll take “Loss of Credibility” for $240,000, Alex

Armstrong Williams is sooooo busted:

Prominent commentator Armstrong Williams on Friday defended a contract under which the U.S. Department of Education paid him $240,000 to promote President Bush’s No Child Left Behind education initiative, but he said he understands why critics are questioning whether the deal was ethical.

Williams, a conservative pundit who has a syndicated television show and writes op-ed pieces that appear in many newspapers, made numerous TV appearances on Friday to respond to a front-page article in USA Today detailing the contract.

We shouldn’t be too surprised by Williams penchant for payola, just check out one of his recent columns:

The changing Supreme Court…and the great taste of Miller Genuine Draft

Meanwhile we checked in with the He-Man Mainstream Media Haters and Watchdog Society and they’re avoiding this story like it was military service.

I guess they’re still too busy humping that Time magazine Blog of the Year award to pay this any notice.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....