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Freepers react to SpongeBob and Barney promoting tolerance

Remember my post on the American Family Association’s unhinged thinking that a children’s video on tolerance is “opening the door” to discussing homosexuality? I decided to visit the Freepers, and they are dribbling and oozing over this as well…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Oak Hay, so I’m very disturbed and continually puzzled about how a small bunch of contrary to nature freaks can destroy our entire civilization. . . BUT DAMMIT, THEY’RE DOING IT !!! These unsavory and unclean sub-human creatures delight in ramming their urine exhaust pipes into the rectal relief tubes of young boys (and of each other) !!! They brag and crow loudly about their filthy behavior !!! They demand access to our young and innocent children… so they can commit sodomy and oral sex acts upon them!!! Then they scream and holler…”Homophobe”… when we seek to save our children from their filthy and immoral activities!!! WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN THIS ONCE-FREE REPUBLIC ??? DO WE NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AND MORAL DUTY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SLIME LIKE THIS ???

“Well said and shouted–we must fight these idiots every chance in every venue–and it ain’t happening yet! When will a truly rights group take center stage? Lawsuits, boycotts, protests, shunning, and physical violence when prompted–is the only things that’ll work. I’m ready.”

“SpongeBob rules, these guys should be shot for defaming him so.”

“I don’t know about Barney but a gay acquaintance of mine really likes Sponge Bob a lot.”

“Barney, the lisping, lavender, light-in-his-loafers dinosaur is gay-friendly? Gee, go figure.”

[And one sane Freeper — shhhh – don’t let them know — Pam]

“Another Not this S### again moment. People will see in these cartoons what they want to see. The arguments against these, just like those against the Telltubies (sp?) or Bert and Ernie, are a real stretch. Some people are just obsessed with anything that could be considered gay. I am waiting for the same crowd to now complain about purple cars and want to boycot GM.!”

[…who then gets slapped down by a genuine Freep — Pam]

“Maybe before you open your trap you should check out the teacher guide that goes along with this propoganda crap that they are pushing. People are sick and tired of the liberals forcing their agenda on us and especially our children. Liberals take small steps to change the culture do you need to see examples or are you really that stupid?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding