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We already know what the rich are going to be doing for the inauguration (drink, socialize, cash in campaign IOU’s, deregulate industry, destroy the social safety net, treat the help badly, have sex with Ann Coulter dolls, have sex with Ann Coulter, not notice any difference, etc…). But what about the common clay, the salt of the earth, the average joe, the good common-sense folks of America who only want a better world for all?

We don’t know what those people are going to do, but we do know what the Freepers are going to be doing:

The Free Republic W2 Inaugural Ball, featuring Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and his rock and roll band, Capitol Offense, will be held on Thursday, January 20, 2005 in Washington, D.C.

Yeah. That would be these guys.

But, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, what does it cost to spend an evening getting down to the funky sounds of Capitol Offense while dining on:

Buffet style salads, pastas, cheese and fruit, sliced turkey, ham and salmon, desserts, coffees and teas.?

Why less than it takes to get your car out of impound:

Admission to the Free Republic W2 Inaugural Ball is currently $175 per person for those purchasing advance reservations by December 31st and will be $200 per person thereafter, and $250 at the door if not sold out beforehand.

And because this is a celebration in honor God’s other son (the one who coked and whored his way through his thirties unlike Mr Goody Two-Sandals) how should you dress?

Black tie and evening gowns are preferred, however business attire and business casual are acceptable. Cowboy boots and dress jeans are also appropriate. Active duty, reservists and retired military are encouraged to wear their dress uniforms.

We appreciate that not all FReepers like to dress up, so use your best judgment. However, wearing shorts, thongs or vulgar t-shirts will not get you in the door.

And finally, are all Constitutional amendments in force?

Free Republic reserves the right to refuse admission to the Ball of any known disruptor or antagonist without refunding their admission. Anyone who pays admission and disrupts the Ball shall be removed from the Ball and their admission fee will not be refunded.

Okay. So the First Amendment is out, but I’m sure they’ll make up for it with plenty of Second Amendment hijinks.

Just remember: have fun and don’t get any on you….

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