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Tsunami blame game: Phelps has good company

Via AmericaBlog. WorldNetDaily, another Repug “news” site has decided to get in bed with the homo-pocalyptic Phelps crowd and posted a story called “Homosexuality, fornication cause of tsunami?: Saudi professor says sinful acts at Christmastime caused disaster”. Well, isn’t that special? Read the wisdom of Sheik Fawzan Al-Fawzan, a professor at the Al-Imam University:

“These great tragedies and collective punishments that are wiping out villages, towns, cities and even entire countries, are Allah’s punishments of the people of these countries, even if they are Muslims,” stated Al-Fawzan. “Some of our forefathers said that if there is usury and fornication in a certain village, Allah permits its destruction.”

The professor singled out beach resorts as places of sexual sin.

“We know that at these resorts, which unfortunately exist in Islamic and other countries in south Asia, and especially at Christmas, fornication and sexual perversion of all kinds are rampant,” he said. “The fact that it happened at this particular time is a sign from Allah. It happened at Christmas, when fornicators and corrupt people from all over the world come to commit fornication and sexual perversion. That’s when this tragedy took place, striking them all and destroyed everything. It turned the land into wasteland, where only the cries of the ravens are heard. I say this is a great sign and punishment on which Muslims should reflect.”

Yes, the power of queerdom is destroying our society, in fact the world, each of us with the master plan in our back pockets, ready to unleash dastardly plagues, locusts and other biblical disasters of epic proportions, including the corruption of Barney and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Somehow our homosexual cabal must have gotten our political wires crossed because I think we wouldn’t have let Bush win. We certainly wouldn’t have allowed Ken Mehlman to run the campaign, and now the GOP.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding