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Soldier Begging For Dog Food For Iraq-Deployed Canines

Sh*t. They cannot even feed the damn police dogs over there. How hard can it be for the government, spending BILLIONS to pay Halliburton for jack performance, to muster up chow for the canines that are sniffing out bombs. It’s a disgrace. How does this make any sense? (

The commander of an Army Reserve detachment is begging friends back home to send food for Iraqi police dogs.

The dogs are starving and urgently need dry dog food,” Capt. Gabriella Cook, commander of the Las Vegas-based 313th Military Police Detachment, said in a Dec. 28 e-mail reported Wednesday by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Some of them have already died,” Cook wrote. “Half of them are sick. We have no way of buying actual dog food here.”

Cook’s unit arrived last month in the Iraq capital. She said 12 German shepherds and one black Labrador retriever trained for bomb-detection and attack at the Iraqi Police Academy in Baghdad have been eating table scraps and garbage.

“It seems like an emergency situation,” Diana Paivanas, a Henderson pet-care provider and Cook’s friend, told the Review-Journal. “Something needs to be done now to save these dogs.”

…Henderson Veterinarian Terry Muratore estimated that each of the 13 working dogs would consume a 40 pounds or more of dry food per month. “If securing the country entails having security dogs that are healthy.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding