Taking time out from patting ourselves on the back

The guys over at Powerline who were responsible (just ask them!) for The Collapse of All Major Media In The Universe (which is why there was no newspaper on your porch this morning and the morning news shows have been replaced with reruns of F Troop), report that, well, let’s let Hindrocket tell it:

Earlier today, we talked about the fact that lefty hero Pablo Paredes refused to sail with the USS Bonhomme Richard, thereby becoming a mainstream media celebrity. Meanwhile, the Bonhomme Richard is in the Indian Ocean, helping to relieve the suffering of tsunami victims.

Reader Phil Trubey pointed out that Paredes has his own web site, which, as you might expect, is smug and self-congratulatory. (my emphasis)

Did I mention the post is headlined “Irony, Anyone?” ?

Later, the “Rocket” tells us:

Another reader, John Richardson, sent us a photo of American sailors rescuing an injured Indonesian on Sumatra; they likely weren’t from the Bonhomme Richard, but could have been

Yes. And Jennifer Anniston didn’t marry Hindrocket, but she could have!

Okay. Maybe not.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....