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Gunmen Slay Governor of Baghdad Region, Chaos Continues

Iraqis are seen through the bullet riddled windscreen of a vehicle that was carrying some of the bodyguards of the governor of the Baghdad province, Ali al-Haidari in Baghdad’s northern neighborhood of Hurriyah. (AP Photo/Mohammed Khodor)

Nice to know that it’s safe enough for elections in a couple of weeks…not. They cannot keep officials alive. (AP):

Gunmen assassinated the governor of Baghdad province and six of his bodyguards on Tuesday, and a suicide truck bomber killed 10 people at an Interior Ministry commando headquarters in western Baghdad, the latest in a steady drumbeat of insurgent violence ahead of Jan. 30 elections.

Al-Haidari was the target of another assassination attempt last year that killed two of his bodyguards. He is the highest-ranking Iraqi official killed since the former president of the now defunct Governing Council, Abdel-Zahraa Othman, better known as Izzadine Saleem, was assassinated in May.

Tuesday’s attacks came a day after violence that saw three car bombs and a roadside attack, one near the prime minister’s party headquarters in Baghdad. and others targeting Iraqi troops and a U.S. security company convoy. At least 16 people were killed Monday.

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