Left: Virginia legislative delegate and homophobe L. Scott Lingamfelter, wants “traditional marriage” on license plates to enhance his sense of sexual orientation. Right: Delegate Mitchell Van Yahres wants to repeal the law in place that prevents recognition of same-sex couples.

The Virginia legislature is moving forward to amend its constitution to prevent civil marriage for gays. As a bonus, they want to make it possible for folks to drive around with license plates that shout out your wingnuttery. The only saving grace is that there is a lonely member of the legislature willing to fight for gay rights by repealing the state’s incredibly homophobic laws. (365Gay.com):

The state is one of what is expected to be up to a dozen states to take up the issue following voter approval in 11 states last November of similar amendments.

But, the legislature will also look at a measure that would put the marriage issue on license plates. The bill calls for traditional marriage to be displayed on car licenses. If passed the plates would have interlocking gold wedding bands superimposed over a red heart over the legend “Traditional Marriage.”

The bill was authored by Delegate Scott Limgamfelter (R-Prince William) a supporter of the marriage amendment.

Some Democrats call the amendment repressive and unnecessary. Virginia already has legislation that prevents recognition of same-sex couples.

The law, passed last year, prevents the state from recognizing gay marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships and block any “contract or other arrangement” same-sex couples may enter into.

Democratic Del. Mitchell Van Yahres has filed a bill that would repeal the law, but most observers say it has little chance of passing. Most delegates have indicated they will vote for the amendment.


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Pam Spaulding