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AMERICAblog: Compare the religious right and left on tsunami relief

AMERICAblog‘s John Aravosis kicks some ass, comparing the sanctimonious Right’s response to tsunami relief vs. the left. Head over there for the comments on his post. Nuff said.

A quick review of the home pages of the top sites of the religious right:

American Family Association has one small news story up, not even something they themselves wrote, and no appeal for money. The only “action alert” is about the Ten Commandments. I guess AFA is only truly concerned about the American family:

The Family Research Council has nothing about the Tsunami. Their headline is about “activist judges.”

Traditional Values Coalition has a very small link or two from WorldNetDaily about the Tsunami, but the link is BURIED on their page. No apparent appeal for money for the victims. But lots of news about the homosexual agenda, which apparently is a bigger calamity than 150,000 dead in Asia.

Concerned Women for America, not a thing. Though they do have an essay about how the media has lost is sense of morality. Apparently the CWFA is only concerned about American women.

Pat Robertson’s Web site. Nothing.

Jerry Falwell’s Web site has nothing, even though he did post an updated letter from himself dated December 30, days after the Tsunami hit.

National Association of Evangelicals, nothing.

Focus on the Family to its credit does have a prominent link to give money. I wonder how long that’s been up.

Just for yucks, I decided to check out the Web sites of the “religious left.”

The Interfaith Alliance, the coalition of progressive religious groups meant to serve as a counterforce to the religious right, has an appeal for money for tsunami victims at the top of their site.

Soulforce, the gay answer to the religious right, has a massive urgent appeal for Tsunami aid at the top of their page.

The Metropolitan Community Church, the largest gay church, has an urgent fundraising appeal at the top of their site.

The United Church of Christ, which recently found itself in hot water over it’s pro-gay pro-inclusion ad campaign, has an appeal for money to help the tsunami victims at the top of its site.

The Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism (I’d call them the Jews’ response to the religious right, though the RAC was around before the religious right) has a big appeal at the top of their site.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding

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