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Let's do just one more Alabama story tonight

Gay Marriage Amendment Returns To Alabama. Think it will pass? Bahahahahahaha! God, I’m just losing it. The ass-clown, wingnuts are loving the chance to jump at this. (

Alabama lawmakers will make a second attempt at approving a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage when the legislature resumes.

The bill was among the first to be prefiled for the upcoming session, which begins Feb. 1.

The House and Senate versions are identical to measures taken up in the last session. The Senate version passed easily but the House bill ran into problems and died when the session ended.

Sen. Hinton Mitchem (D-Albertville) who sponsored the 2004 version and has filed the 2005 bill, said his constituents demanding the legislature act to “protect marriage”.

“It’s unreal, the response,” Mitchem told the Montgomery Advertiser.

But, House Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton (D-Birmingham), is against the bill, though he’s not a supporter of gay marriage.

Newton said there are more pressing issues to deal with such a projected budget shortfall of $300 million in addition to health care and education issues that should be taken care of first.”

Well, I’m glad someone there has some priorities.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding