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Not Just Another Wacky Family Photo Album

From the New York Times:

Six members of the Navy Seals and two of their wives sued The Associated Press and one of its reporters yesterday for distributing photos of the Seals that apparently show them treating Iraqi prisoners harshly. One wife had put the photos on what she believed was a password-protected Web site, a lawyer for the group said.

The photos were evidently taken in May 2003, months before the ones that led to the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. They show more of the same — hooded, tortured prisoners with Navy Seal members as grinning onlookers. The reporter says he found the photos while surfing the internet, and the AP claims that the photos are newsworthy and therefore their use is protected by the First Amendment.

Maybe this wackjob Stepford wife wants to explain what perverse urge motivated her to post photos on the internet that were supposedly taken for administration and intelligence purposes in the first place?

Hmmm. We thought so. (Thanks to N2 for the tip)

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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