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Cal Thomas: 'Schwarzenegger could be the Democrat Party's "plant" inside the GOP'

Good night — I think helmet-hair Cal could be a “family” man.

This AM I posted that Lou Sheldon was dumping on Arnold Schwarzenegger for his comments about moving the GOP back toward the center. Well-oiled Cal Thomas piles on with his “wit and wisdom,” which sounds a wee bit more like tin-foiled hat speculation. (Wash Times):

California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could be the Democrat Party’s “plant” inside the GOP, or so it seems from an interview he gave recently to a German newspaper. In that interview, Mr. Schwarzenegger suggested the Republican Party should move left to attract more voters.

Mr. Schwarzenegger told his interviewer Republicans could win 5 percent more of the vote by moving “a little to the left.” Since Mr. Schwarzenegger ran and has mostly governed as an economic conservative and social liberal, he can only mean having the GOP move to the left on abortion and same-sex “marriage,” among other social issues.

But what he failed to acknowledge was that even if the GOP picked up another 5 percent support, it would lose a far larger percentage of social and religious conservatives, who tend to vote more on principle than they political pragmatism.

The Schwarzenegger “strategy” — if one can call political suicide a strategy — would gain favor with editorial page editors in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, but it would return the Republican Party to minority status virtually overnight. Conservatives would stay home or vote for a third-party candidate, not so much in protest as to demonstrate that for them convictions mean more than party loyalty. This is an ideal plan, but only for Democrats. It’s a lousy plan for Republicans, at least those who think winning elections is the preferred way to advance policies.

…The country is headed toward the right, which is where the Republican Party is now positioned. Why does the governor of California want to move in the opposite direction? …

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