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Powell: U.S. is not 'stingy' when it comes to aid — oh yeah?

Let’s see…at this moment we’re looking at a body count of 44,000 and rising from the earthquake/tsunami disaster, and the best the U.S. can do is $15 million for relief? I guess this admin is going to squeeze out whatever few drops of credibility Colin Powell has before he leaves his post. He’s out there defending Bush’s pathetic aid package. (

I might add these numbers for perspective:

* Halliburton Iraq Contracts Pass $10 Billion Mark

* Contrack International had $325m contract before it blew out of town for security concerns; now has won a $63.9 million US Army building deal in Afghanistan

* Bechtel contract for reconstruction projects — $1.03 billion

* An estimated $2 billion goes into paying for security and insurance costs

Perhaps they can find a little more cash under the mattress for this human disaster. As AmericaBlog’s Rob in Baltimore put it, “15 million is the equivalent of what George Bush spends in Iraq in TWO HOURS. That’s right, at $177 million a day in Iraq, $15 million is a pittance.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding