Eastern North Carolina U.S. Rep. Walter Jones — the man who brought “freedom fries” to Capitol Hill introduced a bill to name Falls Lake after bigot wingnut ex-Senator Jesse Helms. Walter Jones’s quotes are so out there that I was rolling with laughter as I read these to Katie…(Raleigh News & Observer):

It’s tough to say how far the bill he introduced Thursday will go. Jones apparently breached congressional etiquette and didn’t discuss his idea with either of the Falls Lake-area representatives, Democrats David Price of Chapel Hill and Brad Miller of Raleigh, according to their staffs.

Although Jones’ district is Down East, he wanted to rename something near Helms’ home in Raleigh. And Jones likes lakes.

A lake is beautiful,” said Jones, a Farmville Republican. “People go there to relax and meditate and enjoy their family. It’s everything Jesse Helms stands for.” And because Falls Lake is the source for Raleigh’s drinking water, residents could recall Helms’ legacy every time they open a tap.

“I don’t think by changing this name it’ll hurt their drinking water at all,” Jones said. “Liberals might think it tastes differently, but it won’t change.”

Get your bust of Jesse Jesse Helms Center Museum Store. I’m not kidding. Scary.

Helms already has the Liberty University School of Government named after him by Rev. Tinkywinky. Training the young minds of tomorrow. Good god. Jesse once referred to Chapel Hill as “the Sodom of the South.” What a badge of honor for little blue part of the state.

My Congressman, David Price, is a blue and true Dem, and Falls Lake is actually part of his district. Here’s the submitted bill.

Folks may also want to have fun reading the N&O; forum Should Falls Lake be renamed in honor of Jesse Helms?.

I’ll take Lake Andy Griffith before Jesse.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding