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We own a Subaru Outback (and a Ford Focus) — nah, nah Concerned Women for America

The Subaru Outback and Ford Focus wagons.

[UPDATE: Welcome Buzzflash readers…I added new Freeper comments at the bottom, including a choice one.]

[UPDATE 2: A House Blend reader receives a great response from Subaru.]

[UPDATE 3: Here’s background on the rabid Right politics of CWA.]

We support the gay-friendly car company, and it looks like the wingnut Concerned Women of America wants to punish them (and Avis). Read the release — it gives you all the reasons why you should contact Subaru and Avis to thank them for their willingness to court the gay market. Concerned Women for America press release:

It’s important to give credit where it’s due. So car buyers should know that Subaru takes its role as the most pro-homosexual car company very seriously.

In fact, the company bought a four-page, four-color pullout section in the December 21, 2004, The Advocate magazine, surrounding a celebration of 11 “People of the Year” selected by the magazine since 1990. Honorees include V. Gene Robinson (December 23, 2003), the homosexual Episcopal bishop; Rosie O’Donnell (January 21, 2003); George Michael (January 19, 1999), following Michael’s arrest for lewdness in a Beverly Hills restroom, and former Gay and Lesbian Task Force leader Urvashi Vaid and the late artist Robert Mapplethorpe (both December 18, 1990).

…As for Subaru, the fourth page includes this summary:

“Subaru of America celebrates ten years of support for the gay and lesbian community.

• First national automaker to sponsor the Human Rights Campaign

• First automaker to extend domestic partner benefits to all employees

• Featured on The L Word [Showtime’s lesbian drama]

• Recipient of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s Corporate Leadership Award

• First automaker to insert custom creative in gay media

• Founding sponsor of the Rainbow Endowment, whose Visa Rainbow Card has raised more than $1.5 million for health, civil rights and cultural causes

• Sponsor of numerous gay and lesbian cultural and athletic events

• Presenting sponsor of the 2004 AIDS LifeCycle.”

Sample ads from past campaigns are pictured, including one with a photo of a Subaru wagon with the slogan above it: “It’s Not a Choice. It’s the Way We’re Built.”

In 2001, all three major domestic auto companies – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler – adopted “domestic partner” benefits, with Ford earning a 100% rating this year from the Human Rights Campaign as one of the most “gay-friendly” companies in the U.S.

Not to be outdone, Avis, the rental car agency, purchased a two-page, inside cover ad in the January/February OutTraveler, a companion edition to Out magazine. The ad shows a man with his arms around another man, kissing him on the cheek, with this text:

“For over a decade, Avis has automatically included domestic partners as additional drivers in the U.S. No extra fees charged, no questions asked. And now, we’re coming out in grand style, including domestic partners as additional drivers internationally. So go ahead, take a spin.”

While voters are moving to strengthen marriage laws, and parents are fighting to keep homosexual propaganda out of the schools, many of America’s corporate titans have gone pell-mell for the rich, niche, homosexual market. In fact, the Human Rights Campaign calls corporate America “the driving wheel” of homosexual activism.

…You can also respectfully let companies know how you feel about their sponsorship of homosexual activism. It helps the most to contact local dealers, but it’s also good to contact the company.

Customer Service: 1-800-SUBARU3

Eastern Hours: 8:30 – 5:00 Monday-Thursday, 10:30 – 5:00 Friday

Central Hours: 8:30 – 5:00 Monday-Thursday, 9:30 – 4:00 Friday

Mountain Hours: 7:30 – 4:00 Monday-Thursday, 8:30 – 3:00 Friday

Pacific Hours: 7:30 – 4:00 Monday-Thursday, 7:30 – 2:00 Friday

Written correspondence can be sent to:

Subaru of America, Inc.

Subaru Plaza

P.O. Box 6000

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-6000

Attn: Customer/Dealer Services

Subaru of America, Inc. does not include Canada, but Subaru Canada, Inc. can be visited at

E-mail Subaru

Contact Avis

Avis reservations/comment line: 1 800 230 4898 (United States)

1 800 272 5871 (Canada)


I had to include Actual Freeper Quotes™ on this one…

“Subaru? I always thought faggots liked VW Cabriolets. ”

“Subaru must also be promoting the Aids Epidemic then.”

“I thought about buying one of their wagons a few years ago until I saw the $25,000 sticker price… for a compact wagon! At that price I could buy a MUCH nicer car from a company that doesn’t cater to the fudge packers.”

“Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! (Capriole hides her face in her hands) I bought a Subaru Outback station wagon a couple of years ago because it could carry my kids and a lot of our camping/reenacting/horseback riding gear, go through difficult country with some ground clearance and four-wheel-drive capability, and get much better gas mileage than an SUV that cost the same ($21.5K). And now, despite the NRA, foxhunting, and Confederate First National decals on the back, everybody thinks I’m a lesbian! AAAUGH! Guess I could always trade it in on an F-250 pickup, but then they’d be CONVINCED that I’m a lesbian. I can’t win.”

“New sales slogan “Subaru; The car most likely to get rear-ended in.”

“Cars are not just four wheels, they make a statement. This tells us subaru=homo.”

Came across some more; had to share these…

“i suspect most ad execs (like most hollywood/media execs) are gay liberals — probably worked for volvo before subaru…”

“Boy, am I glad I didn’t buy a Subaru. (I was seriously considering it last year) I didn’t know about THIS little gem. Of course, the way things are going, I wouldn’t be suprised if all car companies “come out of the closet” so to speak soon enough. Sigh. And the degradation of our society continues.”

“I guess another clue should have been that one of my Inlaws, a Cornell Prof who lives in Ithaca, the city of Evil, has both a Volvo and a Subaru. It can get tense on occasion since he and his wife are flaming libs. I literally have to leave the room . I once almost got out of the car at in intersection. I was ready to bash his skull in for spouting pure propoganda.”

“Soooooo . . . instead of cup holders do Subarus have Gerbil holders ???”

[this one wins the Freep award for most ridiculous comment — though you have to wonder why this person is paying so much attention to what gay folks are driving, hmm? — Pam]

“You got to differentiate. Female homosexuals a.k.a. lesbians seem to prefer Foresters (they like cleaning out the underbrush) or Outbacks. Male homosexuals a.k.a. faggots or fairies or whatever like Mazda Miatas and I’ve seem some lately in those new Mini convertibles. Automakers as well as many other retailers cater to the crowds with the highest disposible incomes. Since the homo community seems to have a collective death wish, it spends like there is no tomorrow and tends to collect certain new cars.”

Also see my Daily Kos Recommended Diary on this.

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