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Subaru's response to a House Blend reader on diversity

It’s great to see a company that will stand up to homophobic bigots like the Concerned Women of America, who are targeting the automaker for acknowledging, supporting and marketing to the gay community.

House Blend reader Arnie wrote the company and received this response from Subaru:


Date: Mon Dec 27 13:29:14 EST 2004

To: arnie

Subject: Re: Owners Story (E-mail #650077)

Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your message. We appreciate that you took the time to convey your thoughts to us. Your comments will be forwarded to our Marketing Department for their review.

Our marketing strategy is one of targeting customers that appreciate the safety, control, and confidence that the Subaru All Wheel Driving systems provides. Our customers appreciate the adventure and fun that these vehicle attributes allow them to experience. Subaru has a very well educated owner base that celebrates, embraces, and appreciates diversity. Subaru markets vehicles to people who appreciate a safe and reliable value in the automotive category. Subaru does not pass judgement on peoples personal lives. We market vehicles to mountain bikers, skiers, nurses, teachers, rowers, campers, scientists, kayakers, and gays and lesbians.

Have a great New Year!


John J. Mergen

Subaru of America, Inc.



As a happy Subaru owner, I’m really glad to see that you support people of all persuasions through your open-minded advertising. Keep up the wonderful work–on all fronts!




Another letter from a HB reader sent to Subaru that received a response (much the same as above)

Dear Subaru:

Thank you for your support for Human Rights! While I am not a homosexual, I am 100% for equal rights for ALL people.

Subaru’s inclusion of domestic partners, regardless of sex, sets a tremendously positive example for all corporations to follow!

I have owned Subarus for years, and now I drive one PROUDLY!

Keep up the great work!

And do not allow the homophobic fanatics to dampen your inclusive resolve – your advertisements representing same sex relationships not only recognize that gays and lesbians are a powerful market, but a powerfully positive force in society. It is the myopic fanatics who threaten our country with hate and fear.

Yours in Peace and Democracy,


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Pam Spaulding