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Ohio Recount or Beer Bust?

While Kerry/Edwards took their own sweet time jumping into the Ohio recount bonanza, others did not. Thirty-seven people who voted in Ohio have challenged the election results with the Ohio Supreme Court — citing long lines, a shortage of voting machines in minority precincts, and problems with computer equipment. Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell seems to think he should be above the law in this instance, and has requested a protective order to prevent him from being interviewed in the course of the challenge.

According to Attorney General Jim Petro, who is representing Blackwell, the plaintiffs are “not trying to actually contest the presidential election, but are merely using this litigation to cast public doubt on the voting system of the State of Ohio without a shred of evidence supporting their theories.” (If you’re inclined toward this point of view, check this out.)

Moreover, Blackwell is joining with other state lawmakers to restrict future challenges. He’s miffed that people like the Libertarians and Greens — who got only a small fraction of the vote — should have the burning gall to ask for a recount. Treating their challenges with all the seriousness of a sorority house panty raid, Blackwell went on to say that “allowing them to trigger this enormously detailed process — a process where they’re only charged one-tenth of the cost — it’s too inviting for mischief.”

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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