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AmericaBlog: What is wrong with the Dem party – how to win again

There’s a good discussion going on over at AmericaBlog about what is wrong with the Dem party and how to get back on track. Here’s my list…and it’s just a start.

1. Lazy-ass, lap dog, shareholder-leashed, mainstream news media: no need to just complain about Faux News or wingnut talk radio; the rest of them are out to lunch — too interested in ratings, the almighty dollar and not rocking the boat. Even if the folks that own the media are Dems, they’ll vote the pocketbook, not principle and vote Rethug (see Sumner Redstone). Dems need to build a base of corporate power — without losing our principles along the way.

2. Dems With No Balls, part 1 — Rethug wannabees edition. The balls-free Dem leadership is entrenched and insular. When you have a party that thinks it’s better (easier, safer) to try and win over wingnut votes than to educate voters about real “morals” and “values”, it’s time to toss the DNC leadership overboard and get a new crew. Rethug positions are wrong-headed, and oftentimes highly immoral and disingenuous. Who wants to vote for Dems if they are too lazy and clueless to make a real case to vote for them?

3. Dems With No Balls, part 2 — vote integrity edition: People have complaining for months about the lack of a paper ballot on the electronic voting machines [see 1, 2, 3, 4]. Where were the Dems? I didn’t see serious opposition to these systems being rolled out. Fifty million votes were in play, ripe for corruption, and the DNC didn’t see a need to raise holy hell — before the election?

4. Dems With No Balls, part 3 — “take the high ground” edition. How stupid is a party when they can allow the Rethugs to attack over and over (think Swift Boaters), and not respond? If they are waiting for the Rethugs to play nice, we’ll continue to lose. The GOP knows how to frame an issue, targeting their base by promoting fear and ignorance. You don’t have to tell the truth, just repeat lies over enough and busy, non-critical thinking voters will believe you. Dems think they can win a voter back by just presenting a logical high ground counter-argument (with no appeal to address the voters’ emotions and fears stirred up by the Rethugs).

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding