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So much for democracy in the NC election debacle

As usual, decisions are made, and there is no backup plan. Smart. Judge Throws Out Special Election. (Herald-Sun):

A judge Friday threw out a special election to decide North Carolina’s disputed agriculture commissioner race, whose candidates are separated by 2,287 votes out of about 3 million cast.

The special election was called because 4,438 ballots were wiped out in Carteret County due to a faulty computer. People whose ballots were lost were to be eligible to vote in the Jan. 11 election, along with anyone from the county who did not vote in the general election.

But Judge Henry Hight declared the special election illegal and ordered state officials to find another way to account for lost votes. It was not clear Friday evening how and when the state Board of Elections would deal with the decision.

Britt Cobb, the Democratic agriculture commissioner, asked the court to block the revote, saying it violates state election laws. Cobb favored a new statewide election.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding