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Freeps defend Rumsfeld for not signing condolence letters — and crap on Hackworth

Freepers are the stupidest, most unhinged people on the planet. Is it possible to defend this position, as Rumsfeld continues to debase himself and the position of SecDef? And they really let David Hackworth have it for calling Rumsfeld on this shame. Read on, House Blenders, these are Actual Freeper Quotesâ„? (with original grammar, my BF) :

“As always, Rummy is a life long bureaucrat with a heart. Aside from Dubya, Rummy is my favorite person in this administration.”

“The wolves are really out after Rumsfeld. He is the only one of Bush’s cabinet appointees to actually take on the entrenched Washington bureaucracy in his department. Bush recognizes this. Unfortunately, some of the other people on our side don’t.”

“Good old dope smoking hackworth shows up again. As tom Lantos said at least Admrial bota (sp) killed himself. Hackworth is a perfumed prince who figure Ike was a great combat leader and it was cool to smoke dope with the troops, and then the going got tough he ran away to australia.”

“The man does have a day job, in case you forgot.”

“During the Second World War it was the unit commander who wrote the condolence letters. During the Korean, Cold, and Vietnam wars it was the same. Donald Rumsfeld is a kind and gracious man who decided to send these letters himself. He didn’t have to do it. Hackworth, despite his many medals, is not qualified to wipe Donald Rumsfeld’s ass. Hackworth should go back to pushing pictures of Prisoner Abuse to the New York Times.”

“The men and women in the front lines see it as well. They are deeply loyal to Rumsfeld and these attacks will backfire on those who are behind them. Hack is a hack. That has to be the most disgusting man on the planet. He has tried to have his 15 minutes of fame on the backs of our men and women in uniform and they figured him out a lot faster then most of us did.”

“the BIG picture is has he done the job in providing for the troops

The troops have the gear that they train with. It’s the army we’re going to war with. It’s not perfect. Get over it. My SIL doesn’t have all of the gear he wants either. Neither do I. Adapt and overcome. Suck it up and move on. It’s the fricking MILITARY for God’s sake. Privation is part of service. Read Sun Tzu or Clausewitz.”

“I don`t understand why so many Republicans are quick to attack their own.Sec. Rumsfeld does not deserve this.It seems to be more of a self serving measure by some politicians who are more interested in TV time or trying to cultivate favorable feelings from a press corp that will destroy them at a moments notice. Sen Lott should know this better than any one of the group.”

And this was in the thread, OT, but worth posting for its barf value:

“I received a Christmas card from George and Laura Bush, now I know their a little busy, and the signitures are probably mechanical, but I was still thrilled!!! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!”

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