Peace on Earth

In the interest of peace and harmony as we celebrate the birth of those other people’s savior (personally, I’m holding out for Blade because he’s way cooler) I would like to encourage everyone to start wishing their fellow Christo-Americans a hearty “Merry Christmas.”

As you can see from this post (typed in Envy Green) by James Lileks, regarding a blog post by James Wolcott, the Values-Americans are feeling unappreciated and maligned during this, their high holy days, and it up to us to let them know that we love them, we value them, and we respect their religious beliefs.

So, the next time you run into a Jesus-American, make sure you wish them a very “Merry Christmas!”.

Maybe that will make them shut the fuck up.

On the 26th you can go back to ignoring them.

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