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Let Them Eat War

Don’t say nobody warned you. From yesterday’s Dallas Morning News :

The Army National Guard has fallen a shocking 30 percent below its recruitment goals for the past two months and has undertaken an expensive incentives campaign to turn those numbers around. It had better work: Almost 40 percent of the 148,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq are Guard members or Reservists. America cannot carry out its mission in Iraq without them.

The situation is so bad that last week, Lt. Gen. James R. “Ron” Helmly, the Army Reserve’s top commander, told The Dallas Morning News that if recruitment doesn’t turn around soon, a military draft could be around the corner.

This isn’t some liberal loudmouth with a two-bit opinion chiming in. This is…let’s reiterate…the Army Reserve’s top commander. Now according to recent government numbers, the voter turnout rate for under-25 voters was 42.3%. Of those 10.5 million voters, 43% voted for Bush. Which begs the question…um….what were they thinking?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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