WTF? This pyro needs to be locked up. (Wash Times):

The chief of medical staff for Prince George’s Hospital Center has said under sworn testimony that he has tried to ignite a surgical preparation solution on unwitting patients, court records show.

Testifying as an expert witness in a lawsuit in April, Dr. Willie C. Blair said he had tried to “set people on fire” in a deposition for a lawsuit stemming from an accident in which a female patient was burned in an operating room at the Washington Hospital Center in 2002, according to court records and transcripts of his deposition.

I’ve been trying to set people on fire for the last three months and can’t do it,” Dr. Blair said in his April 30 deposition.

“How did you go about trying to set people on fire?” said plaintiff’s attorney Robert R. Michael.

“I mean, I put the prep on and wait, and put the prep on and go early; do a lot of using the Bovie [an electric surgical device], but I haven’t been able to ignite anybody,” Dr. Blair said.

…”I still can’t imagine how someone could justify intentionally trying to set patients on fire,” said Robert M. Veatch, professor of medical ethics at Georgetown University and former director of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown.

“I can’t imagine any possible defense. I suppose he could claim he had reason to believe that he couldn’t hurt people by trying this and was trying to prove his point,” Mr. Veatch said.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding