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Vote With Your $$$$$$

Take a look at, a website that compiles information on what companies supported each party with corporate contributions in 2004 (go Progressive Insurance! I will never begrudge them my monthly payment again). They note that “if each American who voted ‘Blue’ in 2004 spends $100 in 2005 on products of a corporation that by reason of its employees’ or connected political action committees’ political contributions supported ‘Blue’ over ‘Red,’ $5 billion in revenues would be shifted to ‘Blue”‘ supporting corporations.” Bottom line — Blue states have a lot more economic clout than Red states. Let your voi$e be heard.

Good Companies:
Hard Rock Cafe
Apple Computers
National Enquirer
Black Entertainment Network
World Savings & Loan
E&J Gallo Winery
Barnes & Noble
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Charlotte Bobcats

Bad Companies:
Dairy Queen
Dell Computers
Biker Magazine
Wachovia Corp
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Home Depot
Phoenix Suns

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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