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The lefty blogger 2004 Koufax Awards Nominations Are Open

Was surfing over at DKos last night and saw that the Koufax Awards are taking nominations over at Wampum.

At its core, the Koufax Awards are meant to honor the best of the left of blogtopia.” At its core, the Koufax Awards are meant to be an opportunity to say nice things about your favorite bloggers and to provide a bit of recognition for the folks who provide us with information, insight, and entertainment usually for little or no renumeration. The awards are supposed to be fun for us and fun for you.

…One of the real joys of hosting these awards is becoming familiar with new blogs. It is no longer possible for any one person to keep up with all of the entrants. This is a great category for self nominations. Who is the best of the new crop of lefty bloggers?

The categories look really interesting — Best Blog, Best Writing, Best Post, Best Series, Best Single Issue Blog, Best Group Blog, Most Humorous Blog, Most Humorous Post, Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Expert Blog, Best New Blog, Best Commenter. Wampum has complete descriptions of what to consider in each category when voting.

I haven’t voted yet, but there are many lefty blogs that rate a vote. It’s safe to say the usual, excellent suspects will turn up in many of the categories, such as Daily Kos (which doesn’t want to be considered in the Group slot), Eschaton (Atrios), Oliver Willis, etc. I am definitely going to vote for AmericaBlog for Best Group Blog, since John A. and his able crew have really kicked ass this year. It’s the first site I visit each day. I might have to find a way to cast a vote for John’s “F*ck the South” blog, lol. And a couple of other deserving blogs are Brad Friedman’s Brad Blog (and now the BradBlog Too), reflecting his herculean effort to make sense of the voting scandals, compiling more information than one can digest; and Mike Rogers’ BlogActive, for all the grief he’s had to take uncovering the gay hypocrites (and their enablers) during the election cycle. Best commenter: my fave is Bill in Portland Maine, Daily Kos (Cheers & Jeers).

Does Pam’s House Blend rate a nomination in the Best New Blog category, or maybe Most Deserving of Wider Recognition? Even though they encourage self nominations, I am kind of modest when it comes to these things, not knowing exactly how good a job I am doing other than hearing from you (I have gotten some nice feedback from readers — and I thank you all).

Anyway, I encourage everyone to go nominate blogs you frequent that you find interesting — I will. I think it’s good to recognize all the folks out there on the lefty side of the blogosphere that are making inroads.

The page with the description of the Koufax awards and categories is here.

The comment area to post your nominations is here. They’ve got daily threads going to accommodate all the voting.

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