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NC laugh of the day — dumbasses in Electoral College can't count

No, these aren’t members of the NC Electoral College, but you might think so after reading this entry.

Unbelievable. (

In perhaps fitting manner, another voting problem surfaced Monday when the members of the state’s Electoral College unanimously awarded President Bush 16 votes.

The trouble: North Carolina has just 15 such votes — one for each of its 13 congressmen and two senators.

But this voting controversy required no lawsuit or protracted fight.

After a few awkward moments, Robert Rector, state chairman of the Electoral College, verbally polled the 15 electors. This time the vote came out right, and the ballots were signed, sealed and shipped to Washington to be opened Jan. 6 with the electoral ballots from the 49 other states.

“I think (there were) a couple of people who didn’t understand what they were supposed to do,” said Rector, a political science and history professor at Louisburg College. “Or they may have passed out an extra one.”

Voting problems have plagued North Carolina’s election this year. A machine lost more than 4,000 votes in Carteret County, resulting in a planned revote in the state agriculture commissioner’s race.

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