I'm just going to re-post this list of folks without comment

Moving this back up a bit on the hit parade keep them coming in…

This partial list of upstanding conservatives was posted by a Steven Jandreau in the comments over at The Raw Story. I’ve added links to some, which are below.

NEW! Bernard Kerik (the almost-head of Homeland Security) – Three failed marriages, simultaneous affairs, political corruption

Jim Bakker – adultery

Jimmy Swaggart – adultery

Bob Dole – adultery

Ann Coulter – “Let’s say I go out every night, I meet a guy have sex with him. Good for me. I’m not married.” Rivera Live

Helen Chenoweth (R – Idaho) – serial adultery

Sue Myrick (R- N.C.) – adultery

Henry Hyde – adultery

Bob Barr – adultery

Dan Burton – adultery

Bob Livingstone – adultery

Bob Packwood – sexual harassment

Steve Symms – (R- Idaho) – serial adultery

Newt Gingrich – adultery

Beverly Russell – (S. Carolina) – child molestation

Jim Bunn – (R – Oregon) – adultery

Jim Nussle – (R – Iowa) – adultery

Joe Scarborough – (R- Florida) – adultery

John McLaughlin – sexual harassment

Tim Hutchinson (R – Arkansas) – adultery

Rudy Giuliani –adultery

George Roche III – adultery with his son’s wife

Earl Kimmerling – child molestation

Mike Trout – adultery

Mike Bowers – adultery

Richard Delgaudio – (he brought us Paula Jones) – child pornography

Ken Calvert – arrested for engaging with a prostitute

Matt Glavin – homosexual indecent exposure

Deal Hudson – sexual harassment of a female student

Edward L. Schrock (R-Va.) – married but solicited sex from male homosexual

Philip Giordano – sexual child abuse

Randal David Ankeney – attempted sexual assault on a child

Robert Bauman – homosexual sex with a minor

John Hathaway – sex with a minor

Stephen White – soliciting a 14 year old boy

Jon Matthews – indecency with a child

Earl “Butch” Kimmerling – child molestation

Paul Ingram – incest

Andrew Buhr – sodomy with a 12 year old boy

Keith Westmoreland – indecency with minors

John Allen Burt – molesting a minor

Parker J. Bena – child pornography

Larry Jack Schwarz – child pornography

Robin Vanderwall – soliciting sex with minors of both sexes

Marty Glickman – unlawful sexual activity with a minor

Dan Crane – sex with a minor (a Congressional page)

Donald “Buz” Lukens – sex with a minor

First Lady Laura Bush – Manslaughter

Vice President Dick Cheney – Draft dodger

Entertainer Rush Limbaugh – Drug abuse

Entertainer Bill O’Reilly – Sexual harassment

Outgoing Attorney General John Ashcroft – Draft dodger

CA Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger – Serial groping, sexual harassment, drug abuse

Former South Dakota Gov Bill Janklow – Manslaughter

Former Drug Czar Bill Bennett – Gambling addiction

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert – Draft dodger

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey – Draft dodger

House Majority Leader Tom Delay – Draft dodger

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist – Cruelty to animals

Rep. David Dreier – Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies

Rep. Mark Foley – Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies

Prospective RNC Head Ken Mehlman – Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies

TV evangelist Paul Crouch – Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies, accused of bilking flock

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