Banging Barbara Bush

Okay. It’s not this Barbara Bush (your testicles may now resume their former position) it was this Barbara Bush (aka NotJenna):

Did young Barbara Bush get her noggin conked at the White House Christmas party Saturday night?

Guests are saying that the more serious of President Bush’s twins was dancing with a friend when he dipped her down low – very low – and she slipped, hitting her head on the highly waxed marble floor. Sources add that a doctor checked her inside the White House, and she is fine.

Gordon Johndroe, a spokeswoman for First Lady Laura Bush, denied a rumor that Barbara suffered a concussion.

“I do not believe that is accurate. She has no concussion that I am aware of. It was a private party, I’m not going to say who she was dancing with.”

Those dancing Bush girls. Always ending up on the floor.

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