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Wingnut Matt “Bam Bam” Barber needs a reality check

Who is J. Matt “Bam Bam” Barber? He’s a guest writer on this wingnut site called He’s written a smooth piece entitled “The Gay Agenda vs. Family Values.” Here’s a sample of his stunning, groundbreaking philosophizing.

…Rather than approaching our analysis of homosexual behavior from the traditional, liberal, PC perspective, let’s look at it from the rarely visited “Biologically Correct” (BC) vantage point. For one to believe that homosexual behavior, the act of sodomy in particular, follows the biological order of things, one must ignore the fact that sodomy violates natural law – you know… wrong plumbing…square hole/round peg. The whole thing really is a testament to man’s creativity. Give us something good, and we’ll bend over backwards to twist it into something else.

Without delving into the overly descriptive mechanics, suffice it to say that, scientifically speaking, the sexual act was designed for procreation – nothing more, nothing less… I know, not very romantic, but we’re talking science here. Further, the design behind the human digestive system was solely and entirely intended for digestion, not for makeshift sexual activity – there’s not a sex organ in the mix. The notion that the act of sodomy is a natural, biological event simply does not square with biological reality. It may be PC but it sure ain’t BC.

I hope he hasn’t had any BJs lately. Oh, and here is his bio:

J. Matt Barber is a non-practicing attorney, an undefeated heavyweight professional boxer (Matt “Bam Bam” Barber), and a jazz drummer in Chicago, IL. In addition to his Law Degree, Barber holds a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Regent University. Matt is a Contributing Editor for, and a Contributor to the Washington Times “Insight Magazine,” as well as a number of other top conservative publications.

You can give Bam Bam feedback if you wish, by posting comments on his board.

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