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Did you feel your wallet getting pickpocketed?

Waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds and they’ll be back to take some more out of your pocket, just wait. No-Bid Halliburton: $10B And Counting (CBS):

The largest U.S. contractor in Iraq, Halliburton Co., has passed the $10 billion mark in work orders from the Army for services supporting troops and rebuilding the country’s oil industry.

The Army has ordered $8.3 billion worth of work from Halliburton under a contract to support soldiers with meals, housing, laundry and other services. Halliburton got $2.5 billion more in work from the Army Corps of Engineers to put out oil well fires and shore up Iraq’s dilapidated oil infrastructure.

Allegations of financial misdeeds, including corruption and overcharging, have led to criminal, congressional and Pentagon investigations of Halliburton’s work in Iraq.

The investigations of Halliburton’s work in Iraq include:

A criminal investigation into whether kickbacks were involved in Halliburton’s use of a Kuwaiti subcontractor to provide gasoline for Iraq’s civilian market. Halliburton says it notified federal authorities after an internal probe found two of its former employees may have been involved in corruption worth $6.3 million.

* A review of that fuel contract by the Defense Contract Audit Agency, which concluded Halliburton overcharged the Army by $61 million.

* An investigation by the former Coalition Provisional Authority’s internal watchdog which found Halliburton could not account for scores of items in Iraq worth millions of dollars.

* A report by Congress’ Government Accountability Office, which found a “pattern of contractor management problems” by the Army on Halliburton’s largest Iraq contract. The nonpartisan GAO said the problems including taking more than a year to finalize the documentation on work orders worth billions of dollars.

* A Pentagon audit, which found that Halliburton charged the Army for meals it never served to troops. Halliburton said the problem was caused by the widely fluctuating levels of troops in and around Iraq. Halliburton has repaid $36 million and set aside more than $140 million for a possible settlement as it negotiates with the Army on that issue.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding