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AP: Bush Will Make Air Pollution Priority

He can reduce a lot by simply shutting his freaking mouth. (AP):

“The president decided to make a strong push at the start of next year to complete his clean air and clean energy agenda,” said EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt, who met with Bush to discuss the strategy earlier in the week.

“The centerpiece will be ‘Clear Skies’ legislation and/or the ‘Clean Air Interstate Rule,'” Leavitt added in an interview. “Both of those will provide a 70 percent reduction of nitrogen oxides and of sulfur dioxide. It would be a $50 billion investment in clean air; it would take more tons of pollution out of the air.”

The Clean Air Interstate Rule would call for reducing pollution according to a timetable and strategy that closely mirror the proposals the administration offered nearly three years ago in a Clear Skies initiative that stalled in Congress.

Environmentalists, however, say the Bush legislative proposal carried by Inhofe goes further than the rule, weakening parts of the Clean Air Act.

The Bush administration is now staking its money on a bill in Congress that weakens and delays public health protections already provided under the current Clean Air Act, while forcing the EPA to delay public health protections under current law,” said John Walke, director of clean air programs for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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