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Is the Washington Post going to publish the next homophobic installment?

Dr. Derek Grier, pastor of Grace Christian Church and editor of the homophobic rag, BothSides, and the man behind the “junk science,” Paul Cameron.

While CBS and NBC are turning down a benign ad from the UCC about tolerance, the Washington Post is probably going to take money from these folks again and not have a problem with it…do this again. The junk science insert, Same Sexuality and Race, published by the Grace Christian Church of Woodbridge, Virginia, targeted the religious black community to instill fear and hatred toward homosexuals with its ignorant drivel. Here’s Grier:

Grier says homosexuality is not a civil right issue, and reports that his church felt it was so important to communicate that message the church took out a loan to found and publish the magazine.

As to the controversy surrounding the content of BothSides, Grier says many of those who protested do not understand the difference between race and sexuality. “As an African-American, my color — or the melanin in my DNA that causes me to be brown — is a result of simple chemistry,” he says. “However, sexuality is not a physical trait; it’s a behavior.

“To interchange the color of my skin, which is not considered immoral in the Bible or anywhere else for that matter, [and] to equate sexual behavior with the color of my children’s skin, is quite offensive,” Grier adds.

The pastor says the controversy has brought the church a good bit of publicity, but he urges readers to pay attention to the message of the magazine. There will be additional opportunities to do that, he says, as the church plans to publish more editions of BothSides.

Also, read this bullsh*t on the BothSides web site, if you aren’t already disgusted enough:

Proponents of the homosexual lifestyle argue that as race is merely a byproduct of inherited genes, so is homosexuality. The weakness of this position is that people of color reproduce and pass on the DNA that makes the skin brown; however, homosexuals cannot reproduce in their preffered sexual expression. If homosexuality is purely a genetic trait, as is my race and homosexuals were true to their orientation, the trait would have virtually disappeared over the ages. Nature does not perpetuate homosexuality.

Interested in sharing your opinion with them? Here you go…

BothSides Magazine

P.O. Box 7538

Woodbridge, VA 22195-7538

Ph: 703.738.4216

Fx: 703.652.4370


Letters to the Editor should be e-mailed to

You can also contact the WPost ombudsman and ask them if they’re going to accept money from these people again — they did it once, so clearly they don’t object to the content:

– (202) 334-7582

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