The price is right

We’ve always wondered why the Corner Kids at National Review Online felt free to go on and on about dogs, Simpson’s episodes, Duran Duran, and the Derb’s battle with erectile dysfunction. Now we know why. Apparently they’re only there serving out their community service time instead of getting paid. According to Jim Boulet they don’t do it for the money honey, it’s only for some of that hot conservative lovin’:

FOX New’s Bill O’Reilly and CBS chief political writer David Paul Kuhn both agree that bloggers enjoy too much freedom of speech and suffer insufficient federal regulation.

Kuhn complains that we pajamahadeen have “no code of ethics, or even an employer, to enforce any standard.” But help is coming: “Beginning next year, the F.E.C. will institute new rules on the restricted uses of the Internet as it relates to political speech.”

Time for the blogosphere to fight back, given that, unlike, say, CBS and FOX., the pajamahadeen also tend to lack attorneys on retainer to defend our First Amendment rights. I have no desire to see NRO’s Kathryn Lopez in the defendant’s chair because an article in NRO criticized some politician three months before an election. Neither should the Bush Administration.

You see just because they write for NRO doesn’t mean that they’re actually NRO employees entitled to representation by NRO corporate counsel (who nervously eye the phone every night anticipating yet another call from Jonah Goldberg looking for bail money…again). So, when we criticize Kathryn Jean Lopez, we should be sensitive to the fact that she’s only a volunteer and nothing more. Kind of like a Candy Stripe nurse, but without the handjobs.

Unless, of course, you’re Rich Lowry and in need of some of that “Special K lip n’ grip”…

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