How can an wingnut moron and former educator (that’s funny on its face) Zell Miller got a cushy job in a law firm — and not be a lobbyist? Perhaps he will be ordering office supplies or making coffee. (WMAZ):

Retiring Senator Zell Miller, a teacher not a

lawyer, will join the government affairs practice of one of his home state’s major law firms when he leaves his Senate position early next year.

According to a statement from the firm, his employer to be, McKenna Long And Aldridge, provides expertise to clients in such areas as tax policy, international trade, homeland security, health policy and higher education.

Miller will work from the firm’s Washington and Atlanta offices.

He had a hard time today describing exactly what his duties will be. Miller said — quote — ‘I haven’t been able to talk to anybody very concretely because of the rules of the Senate.’

But, he insisted, one thing he won’t be is a lobbyist.

Miller said — quote — ‘I’m not going to be walking any halls of the Capitol or taking any folks out for a steak dinner.’ “

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding