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Watch this space tomorrow for an update on the UCC ad controversy

NBC “graphic”: AmericaBlog

Be sure to check out House Blend tomorrow for some breaking news about the controversy over CBS and NBC rejecting the United Church of Christ’s TV ads. I’ll have some info about what the UCC plans to do in response to the absolutely juvenile position the networks have taken regarding the hopeful, benign inclusive ad. A spot, by the way, that says nothing about gay marriage, and nothing specifically about homosexuals at all — it’s about the UCC’s tolerance and open arms to welcome anyone that wishes to worship.

CBS and NBC totally caved to the religious Right, our American Taliban, for fear of who knows — boycotts, hate mail, Freepers on blogs…you get the idea. It’s not like it would take balls to run an ad as benign as this one — even Jerry Falwell thought it was dumb not to allow it to run. It test-ran in the Triangle area months ago, without fanfare or negative feedback. Shame on CBS and NBC.

So tune in here tomorrow for an update. Again, here is the ad.

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