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Dean: Dems stop whining and stick to your convictions

Oh wait, that was just me paraphrasing Howard Dean. Dean doesn’t mince words, though. Good for him. (AP):

“We cannot win by being Republican light,” Dean said, repeating a line that helped make him a darling of the left in the early presidential race. “We’ve tried it, and it does not work.”

Speaking to still-enthusiastic supporters at a George Washington University auditorium, the defeated presidential candidate ticked off a list of issues that he said Democrats should tout as moral values — health care, education, election reforms.

Honesty is a moral value,” Dean said, drawing cheers from those who still love to hear the former Vermont governor reproach the president, even indirectly.

“If this election had been decided on moral values, the Democrats would have won,” Dean continued. “I think it’s time for us to start framing the debate. We have to learn to punch our ways off the ropes.”

When some people say that we should change direction, in essence they are arguing that our basic or guiding principles can be altered or modified,” Dean said. “They cannot. On issue after issue, we are where majority of the American people are.”

Dean said the party must fight for victory in every state at every level of government and added, “we can’t be a party that wins the presidency by running an 18-state campaign.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding