A grave and overpowering bias…and lies. Lots and lots of lies.

Jeff Jacoby, also known as Boston Piltdown Man, thinks that colleges are full of (gasp!) liberals.

No. Really.

And he knows this because The Virgin Ben tells him so:

Today campus leftism is not merely prevalent. It is radical, aggressive, and deeply intolerant, as another newly minted graduate of another prominent university — Ben Shapiro of UCLA — shows in “Brainwashed,” a recent bestseller. “Under higher education’s facade of objectivity,” Shapiro writes, “lies a grave and overpowering bias” — a charge he backs up with example after freakish example of academics going to ideological extremes.

Not so fast there, Sparky:

Ben has a bit of a reputation back at UCLA of being faster and looser with the truth than he was with the ladies:

A book a UCLA undergraduate wrote that alleges students are “brainwashed” by a liberal bias at U.S. universities contains numerous factual errors, misquotations and misrepresentations of people’s views.

Titled “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth,” Ben Shapiro’s book appeared on store shelves Thursday.

With “Brainwashed,” Shapiro said he hopes to drive home the assertion he’s frequently made: that the United States’ universities are dominated by liberal professors whose ideologies overshadow those of their underrepresented conservative counterparts.

While Shapiro’s inflammatory statements have drawn criticism from many, different concerns arise when he doesn’t get his facts straight.

At least twice, Shapiro states that Student Media receives funding from mandatory tuition or fees, which is false. He also misquotes prominent UCLA figures, including the chancellor and UCLA Hillel Director Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, and mischaracterizes the terms of his dismissal from the Daily Bruin.

Ben responded to the scurrilous accusations from The Daily Bruin in exactly the same way that he has confronted the threat of Islamofascism…by running away:

Shapiro rescheduled Monday an in-person meeting that was supposed to take place that morning and asked to be interviewed by phone instead. Shapiro canceled the phone interview after being presented with the errors through e-mail and would only comment in a statement by e-mail.

“I stand behind the facts in my book, and behind the major point of my book: The overwhelming majority of professors are leftists, and their leftism enters the classroom,” he wrote.

After canceling his interview, he did not return calls and messages left to his home and cell phone but responded in a later e-mail that he would not be able to talk for “the next several weeks.”

He wrote that he is busy with the publicity campaign for his book, which in an interview last week he said would launch today.

When asked about factual errors, a spokeswoman familiar with Shapiro’s book declined to comment before speaking with a legal team.

Maybe we should send this along to Jacoby since he couldn’t be bothered to check out his lead source.

You know, in a strictly non-harassing manner, because Jeff seems kinda overly sensitive and stuff. Don’t even get him started on ‘fire’…

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