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Freeper-captioned photo — add your own comments…

These are Actual Freeper Quotesâ„? about Commander Dress-Up:

“And rightly so! That is an incredible picture of an incredible man.”

“Let’s just hope that some of the soldiers weren’t superimposed into the picture.”

“I liked the jacket too, but it looked a little small on him today.”

“Looks like Abe Lincoln at Gettysburgh”

“Well have you ever seen a bad photo of him??? I sure haven’t!”

“I think Bush is so cute. He is just a cute guy. Cute=Sexy to me. I’m probably terrible to see him that way but I can’t help it.”

“That jacket is a perfect fit. It’s a military cut. It looks goooooooood.”

“I sure GWB will have the respected place in history he deserves! And yes, it will sadly not be realized for some time in a broad sense. I feel privileged to be here living through and witnessing it!”

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