Gets rid of that nasty awards aftertaste in your mouth

I was appalled because the Grammy Awards nominees sucked until I found another award contest that sucked like a black hole.

Grammys: Why do I always expect the Grammys to surprise me and not throw a bunch of nominations at tomorrow’s footnote (“Hello? Kanye West? Obscurity beckons…just take that seat next to Lauryn Hill”). By the way, Los Lonely Boys? I remember when you were called Los Lobos…and you were good. (Disclaimer: I somehow got sucked in by the Los Lonely Boys hype and bought the CD. I left the room about halfway through and never played it again. They are to roots rock what Dave Koz is to jazz)

Whizbang: No sour grapes here. I’ve never heard of Whizbang until recently (this awards thingy to be exact) but what’s with the nominations?


Here’s sample of current #2 IMAO for Best Humor Blog:

BTW, anyone listen to Real Rock 101.1 (local to the Orlando area)? The DJ on my drive home (Buckethead) was talking about fanny packs and how its considered gay for guys to wear them even though they’re useful. I called up to tell him that a lot of guys who wear fanny packs are actually concealing guns in them (it’s the holster reccomended by the retired police officer who taught my concealed-carry course). I also told him I don’t use that holster because it’s gay-looking. Anyway, I was just curious if I was on the radio or not.


The rest of the nominations tend to have that eau de stench of a conservative American Idol competition.

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