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Is SC trying to race to beat Alabama as the most homophobic state in the union?

Homophobe and southern-fried wingnut John Graham Altman III, R – SC (119)

Look at this nonsense. A SC legistator wants to cut the state educational TV budget because it aired a documentary on gays in the South.

“I thought it was just social, leftist propaganda that they had no business airing,” said state Rep. John Graham Altman, R-Charleston. “They were actively promoting homosexuality as an OK thing to do.”

SCETV President Maurice Bresnahan says his agency isn’t promoting an agenda by showing “We are your Neighbors” as part of its twice-monthly Southern Lens series of stories about life in the South.

“An analogy would be a librarian buying books for the bookshelf. ‘We are your Neighbors’ was just one 26-minute show out of 8,700 hours of programming. We are just presenting a point of view. This is just one book on a shelf of thousands of books,” Bresnahan said.

Sunhead Projects, which produced the documentary, said they intended to promote acceptance through understanding.

Altman sees the “Neighbors” documentary as an effort to promote a “militant homosexual agenda.”

Altman says if SCETV can afford to produce such programs to influence the Legislature, then it can afford to have its budget cut. The agency runs on a budget of $12.7 million, down from $20.3 million four years ago.

As soon as the session starts,” he said, “I’m going after them.”

Guess we can go after him too:

Representative John Graham Altman III

306B Blatt Building

Columbia, SC 29211

Phone: (803) 734-2947


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