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Recap: the anti-gay week in review

I posted this at OW, but I thought I’d post this roundup here because it’s amazing when you pull it all together how the American Taliban has so successfully and quickly turned the tide against tolerance for gays in the political sphere. The items below are just a few that happened within the last week, for goodness sake. The only positive things are that it’s given me a lot to blog about, and a lot of motivation to work even harder to fight these people.

* the ABC 20/20 Matthew Shepard revisionist history piece, saying it was only about a robbery and that the heinous, overkill beating was merely a meth fueled rage, despite testimony that one of the killers is a conflicted bisexual, and that may have played a role in the savagery. My post here.

* The Washington Post accepted the wonderful homophobic advertorial “Same Sexuality and Race,” which targeted the black community with all kinds of junk science by Paul Cameron about gays, including the nugget that all gays die by the age of 41. My post here and here.

* NBC and CBS turning down a benign advertisement for tolerance (not even specific to homosexuality) by the United Church of Christ for being “too controversial” and “the fact the Executive Branch has recently proposed a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, this spot is unacceptable for broadcast on the CBS and UPN networks.” My post here.

* Blue State Michigan pulls same-sex benefits. Jennifer Granholm and the administration decided to remove the provision in light of voter approval of Proposal 2, the state constitutional amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman and “similar unions for any purpose” to heterosexual couples. My post here.

* Wingnut Alabama State Rep. Gerald Allen has submitted a bill that would prohibit the use of public funds for “the purchase of textbooks or library materials that recognize or promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.” Allen said he filed the bill to protect children from the “homosexual agenda.” My post here.

This all makes me sick, and Karl Rove’s master plan is to force Dems into a corner to either defend or dump gays (and abortion rights). Howard Fineman in Newsweek:

“In the next term, Rove said, Bush will push—hard—for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union of man and woman, and for “strict constructionist” judges. “Voters like the president because he doesn’t blink and he doesn’t waver,” says Rove, “and he isn’t going to start. He says he values life, and he means it.” The cold calculus: force Democrats to defend gay rights and unfettered access to abortion.”

I’m concerned about the choices the Dems are going to make.

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Pam Spaulding