Dick pulling strings at the FDA….

For the past twenty-so odd years, Dick Cheney has successfully avoided …..um…how should I put this? Oh yeah, he has avoided “drilling” in the “frozen tundra” of Lynne Cheney preferring to pass his spare time fly fishing, working in his basement woodshop, and invading countries and stealing their oil while making his friends rich. But then some “Let’s get the middle-aged gals all hotted-up” braniac comes out with a patch to get her motor re-revved and Dick starts to live in mortal fear of coming home to find a naked and lubed-up Lynne, with a fresh Brazilian wax job, spread-eagled on the dining room table and beckoning him onward by lisping, “Here I am. Rock me like a hurricane.”

So is it any wonder Dick got on the phone and put a stop to the madness?

It’s enough to give him angina which is preferable to Lynne’s…oh, you know.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....