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The Best of the American Taliban

Check out this neat site, John Perr’s Perrspectives. It has handy thumbnail sketches of the usual suspects often referred to here (and elsewhere in the lefty blogosphere) as members of the American Taliban. The burgeoning list includes: Bush, Scalia, Roy Moore, Ashcroft, DeLay, Hyde, Santorum, Coburn, DeMint, Dobson, Falwell, Reed, Robertson, and more.

Now thanks to the Bush administration, a Republican Congress and the conservative ascendancy, Americans need not travel to Kandahar to learn about the perils of theocratic rule. Right here in the United States, a network of politicians, religious leaders, “faith-based” organizations and (literally) their amen corner are working overtime to make a particularly onerous concept of Christianity the de facto law of the land. Armed with the Bible in one hand and the Patriot Act in the other, George W. Bush and his GOP jihadists threaten to fundamentally change the role of government in monitoring Americans’ lives, liberties and even bodies.

I think there are plenty more that could be added to that list too.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding